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A mix of face to face and online sessions enabling and empowering you to work towards your goals. 

I am very flexible in how these sessions are carried out and more often than not, clients wish to incorporate more email sessions into the package. 

I understand how busy life can get and sometimes, attending weekly counselling sessions can be difficult where other commitments are involved. There seems to be a temptation for clients to be distracted in weekly face to face sessions with the goings on of daily life, rather than focusing on those things that they wish to change and transform about their lives.  Sessions carried out in the mixed package are often a lot more focused than weekly face to face sessions and they provide clients with the opportunity to work towards their goals in a more efficient way, creating sustainable and longer term changes. 

Knowing that an email check in session is due, often means that clients are putting the work in during the week to reach towards their goals so that they can check in with any progress made or any difficulties they have faced. 

The process of writing your thoughts down helps to solidify them. Seeing them on paper (or on screen in this case) allows you to see them more clearly and will push you into taking action to make your ideas a reality.

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