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Counselling Client

Rachel has been amazing in supporting me through my journey. From the very first session I felt heard and understood, even when bringing things that seemed totally irrelevant she stayed through the undertones and helped me to see the links while helping validate the feelings I associated with them. I could see she emotionally walked my journey with me. The openness and understanding of the person combined with a relaxing therapeutic space was an absolute god send and I truly appreciate the impact my time with Rachel has had. I would not hesitate in making my recommendation!

Counselling Client 


I promised to update you with how things turned out for me. You helped me when I most needed help, I recall how much I clung on to our counselling sessions and how vital they were to me during a terrible period in my life. Happily things got better, I changed my job, so distanced myself from the issue and slowly felt stronger and more able to cope. I am now engaged to be married and wanted to know that you made a real difference to my life and future, thank you so much Rachel. I hope that you continue to help people as desperate as I was, your work is incredibly valuable. I hope you are keeping well. All my very good wishes and sincerest thanks.

Sexual Empowerment Course 


5 Stars - Fantastic course, I would highly recommend to anyone who would like to build on self confidence! It’s been very refreshing to take time out for myself each day to listen to these lovely ladies be very open and honest especially during these difficult lockdown times when we are all missing social interactions with our friends or feel like we cannot openly talk about these topics. Holly and Rachel make you feel so at ease! Thank you xx

5 Stars - Amazing course with great speakers who I could listen to with ease. Opened my eyes to exploring my own sexual empowerment and made me think in ways I haven’t before or would ever explore myself. I also have also gained self esteem in regards to body image and the way I think about sex and sexual relationships in my personal life. Hope to see new courses available soon!!!

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