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Our dream and passion is to support women through their own personal transformations in order to embrace their true wild power.  This isn't just our job, we live and breathe this stuff!

We mainly work around women's sexual empowerment. For some people, just saying the word sex is challenging. There is a huge area of our lives that we feel unable to share, unable to talk to friends or partners about and we understand that this can feel really isolating.

We provide a safe space, free from judgement where we supprt women to rediscover their sexuality. We have spent the last 12 years of our lives dedicated to study (psychology, counselling, hynotherapy, coaching, neurolinguistics, embodiment, mindfulness, tantra and sexuality)

Out aim is to roll up all of that education and experience into 1:1 packages, courses and workshops so that women can experience the true empowerment and freedom that comes from sexual liberation 

I have teamed up with Holly Robinson at Empowering Minds Coaching to offer you packages, individually tailored to cater to your needs.

Please send a message via the contact page for further information on our services

or visit our website at

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